Mail Server Died?

Mail Server Died?

Now why shouldn't you be panicking in a situation like that?

With Cudamail protection, your email messages are automatically queued up on our system - in the event that your mail server goes down.

We all hate to even think about it, but sometimes things "just happen". Seasoned network pros know that it's better to be prepared for those situations.

When It's Down, How Do You Get Mail Access?

When your server's back up, the messages flow like usual, and anything that's been queued automatically delivers. If, however, you absolutely need access to the email - even before your server is back up:

  • With 14 day email replay, they WILL have access
  • Most people can wait until their mail server is back up - but if your business requires immediate access, you'll benefit from this feature.
  • Like insurance, you hope you don't need it.

Worried About Your Config?

You can talk with our experts and they can give you advice on how best to configure your CudaMail setup in order to maximize the benefits.

Mail Server Continuity

If you're interested please feel free to contact us and one of our mail security gurus can help.