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Is Your Organization STILL Getting Offensive & Virus-Infected Spam?
Looking for a Reliable Partner to Either Start Filtering
or Replace Your Current Spam Filtering Service?

(Are you a Microsoft Office 365 user who is looking for a more effective Spam filtering service?)

IF YES - You have come to the RIGHT PLACE!

Price Per Mailbox

  • CudaMail Inbound Only:   $1.99 USD ea.
  • CudaMail:  $2.24 ea. Special $1.99 USD ea.
  • CudaMail Suite:  $2.49 USD ea.
  • Minimum 15 mailboxes
  • Over 100 mailboxes - please call for a quote


* All prices subject to change without notice.

What You Can Expect from CudaMail:

  • Enterprise-Level Filtering - We provide multiple layers of comprehensive protection against the most current email-borne threats.
  • Amazing Support - In addition to helping you with any email issues, you can actually call during business hours and speak with a live human being!
  • Simple Setup - NO software to install - just point your MX record to our servers.
  • Mail Bagging - If your mail server goes down, we save your email for up to 7 Days!
  • Regular Reports - You can choose from daily, weekly and monthly reports on the Spam filtering for your domain.
  • Management Portal - You get access to the Management Portal, where you can control your antispam filter settings, manage your whitelist and blacklist, and do powerful searches on messages.
  • Flexible Per User Settings - Users can manage their own whitelists & blacklists … so you don’t have to.
  • Encrypted Email - We support TLS (Transport Layer Security) so you can encrypt sensitive emails.
  • Geographic Redundancy - Our data centers are in multiple cities so we stay up if one site goes down.
  • BILLIONS of Emails Already Filtered - we have already been doing this for a long time and not some fly-by-night company.

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Some of Our Happy Customers Say:

Your service is terrific, easy to use and effective plus it gives us confidence that we will be protected from both spam and IT issues on our end. So far I am a very happy customer!"

Regulus Solutions Inc.
Mark Wells
Regulus Solutions Inc.

We signed up for your service in the early part of April of this year and I just wanted to pass along how EXTREMELY pleased and HAPPY we are with your service!!

The sign-up process was very quick and easy, your sales & support staff were very friendly and prompt to reply to inquiries.

...we have seen a dramatic increase in performance of our network and server since signing up for your service.

We currently are seeing an approximate 80% rejection in emails, meaning that of all emails sent to our domain, only 20% are actually good (non-SPAM) emails!

I would HIGHLY recommend your service to anyone looking for an easy, quick and effective SPAM filtering solution at a very affordable price!!

Hi-Tech Communications, Inc.
Shane Stoelting

You identified an issue on our mail server that had gone undetected.

I really love the Cudamail service for the spam it blocks (90% most months) but I am more impressed at the level of customer service.

I look forward to a long relationship with your company.

BSDI Study Center
John Love, CISSP

This morning I woke up facing several shipping confirmations e-mails from Amazon in my company inbox informing me that I had purchased iPhone 6 Plus phones for several different Users...for $1060.00 a phone...I started my investigation...CudaMail immediately confirmed that no more would be getting through.

I want to thank all of you at CudaMail, Wendy, Darrell, and Shaun, who I deal with almost weekly. You folks are greatest, and an invaluable tool in our company security toolbox. This was the best investment I've ever made!

Thank you CudaMail

Cardiac Study Center
Richard Nagle, MCSE
Cardiac Study Center

CudaMail has worked at well as we could have ever imagined. Within minutes of making the easy changes in our MX records, we saw our non-stop stream of spam cut to a fraction of its total, freeing up nearly a 1/3 of our total Internet bandwidth.

With a mail flow of over 500,000 emails processed per day, less than .5 % of those emails are now delivered onto our Exchange server.

All follow-up questions were quickly answered by CudaMail's support team via email or by phone. I am highly recommending our company sign up for the annual plan as I don't know how our network and Exchange server can continue to function without CudaMail.

Engineering Services
Robert Wuthrich
Engineering Services

"I signed up for your CUDAMAIL Service. WE LOVE IT!!!!... We are receiving quite a bit less spam... All in All, I am very happy with the service."

Universal Lending
J. David Derby
Universal Lending

CudaMail has made a big difference for us. Before signing up, over 95% of my email was Spam and I was spending precious time cleaning up my inbox. Now CudaMail is doing the work for me and I can go directly to answering inquiries from riders and volunteers who are interested in our programs.

Little Bits
Jan Chapman
Little Bits

Thanks for this great report. It has really opened our eyes here of the value of CudaMail.

SunPorch Structures Inc.
SunPorch Structures Inc.

We've had our e-mails scrubbed by different companies since we started using our company e-mail, but you guys are the best. Your service, responsiveness, and price exceed my expectations, and how cool is it having a weekly report. We'll keep coming back.

Cardiac Study Center
Richard Nagle, MCSE
Cardiac Study Center

We appreciate the service you provide. Thank you for your assistance!
Sandra A. Pickard

...we have been using it for over a year. In fact they know the job - all my issues and support tickets have been timely responded to and attended to.

In fact their replies to the support requests are not like other providers - they have a proper rationale to each of the queries that I raise.

In fact if I had to tell you EVERYTHING about them, in a nutshell, or in a single word, I would say;


Thobson Technologies Inc.
Dr Shah Thobani
Thobson Technologies Inc.

Thank you! And I Love, Love Love the Management Portal, will save us all a ton of time.

Universal Lending Corp.
David Derby
Universal Lending Corp.

Thank you. The firm we contract with for our high end computer work was certainly on target when he advised us that CudaMail provided excellent customer service.

Area Agency on Aging of West Central Arkansas, Inc.
Sherial Bradley

Today you went above and beyond to make sure my client was happy and it is nice to know people like you are still out there. I always give my 100% to each customer as if they were my family and I feel you did the same.

Nomad Technology Group
Ray Engler
Nomad Technology Group

I wanted to thank you guys for delivering such stellar service combined with a bombproof product - you're everything a service provider should be.

GO Auto
Liam Sommerville
Go Auto

I really appreciate the excellent service that you guys give for a very reasonable price. Saves me having to do it and peace of mind knowing that it is being taken care of!

Covenant United Methodist Church
Roger Kresge
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