Make Money with CudaMail Affiliate Program Refer Customers

Make Money Referring Clients to
CudaMail Affilate Program

By joining the CudaMail Affiliate Program you have not only the opportunity to offer your customers access to an enterprise-level class of E-Mail Filtering and Virus Scanning and also to make money with a one time "finder's fee" commission after their two months of filtering with CudaMail.

No doubt your customers are always looking for ways that they can save money, and in today's economy, who isn't? We will provide you with the tools (brochures etc. ) required to “Make the Sale” with your customers.

How Can I Make Money?

CudaMail Spam Filter Affiliate Program

What Do I Do? Refer Customers to our site with your Affiliate ID
What Do I Get? Receive 50% of the first 2 months revenue generated by the customer.
When do I get Paid? After 2 months of customer's paid services.

We have an Affiliate Program that will fit every IT Professional's requirements from Web Designers, Consultants, to Technicians and even ISPs.

Note: If you have your own clients that you provide other services for, and you'd like to add Spam & Virus Filtering to earn money, then you should look instead at our Partner Program. Information on that is here.

Why CudaMail?

  • Multiple levels of spam and virus protection
  • Over 99.9% of spam identified and quarantined with less than 0.01% false-positives
  • Works with any email system
  • Learns and adapts to provide the most accurate, up-to-date protection
  • Deletes virus-infected emails while keeping the email message
  • Sets up in minutes with no hardware or software to install

We are sure that the benefits listed above will benefit your customers and will make you look like a hero. Please contact us for more information.