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It's easy to make money when you refer a client to the CudaMail Affiliate Program. Just fill in this form and submit it - we'll follow up with your referral and get them set up for CudaMail Spam Filtering.

  • Fill in your referred client's domain information on the top of the form.
  • Your information goes on the bottom part of the form.
  • Once we've created the setup for filtering your client, we'll get you in our affiliate system.
  • After 2 months of this customer's paid services, you'll receive 50% of the first 2 months revenue generated by the them.

Thank you for referring this client to us. We'll get them set up as soon as possible, and note them as a referral from you.

(if you are a client wishing to sign up for CudaMail spam filtering, you can go here.)

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