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  • Thinking of moving to
    Office 365 / Google Office?

    CudaMail works well with these systems and we have many clients on these services. Call us for more info: 1.877.386.3763

    We work with cloud services:

    1. Office 365
    2. Google Apps
    3. and many more...
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    CudaMal works with Office 365 and Google Apps
  • CudaMail Security Advisories

    Though CudaMail Spam Filtering Service is not succeptible these bugs, we feel it's important to provide information for our clients so they can take steps to protect their networks from malware and other attacks.

    Learn About These Threats:

    1. What versions are succeptible?
    2. What IS this thing?
    3. Are there any resources?
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    CudaMail Security Advisories
  • Does Your Inbox Look Like This?

    Have a TON of unwanted spam filling your inbox? A Spam-Free Inbox Can Be Yours! You can have us clean your organization's email before it gets to your mail server.

    • Affordable Spam Filtering in The Cloud
    • No Software to Install
    • Quick Easy Setup
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    CudaMail Spam Filtering Service Keeps Your Inbox Clean
  • Amazing Support and Live Help!

    Call or chat during work hours and always speak to a human - no phone trees! Enthusiastic and engaged anti-spam pros - eager to help.

    • A spam filtering business you can actually talk to!
    • New customers can't believe it when we call them!
    • After-hours emergency support also available
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    CudaMail Amazing Support
  • The Latest Filtering Technology

    Our redundant clusters of filtering servers run your incoming mail through a series of pre-filters.

    That's followed by multiple layers of filtering protection including the latest reputation analysis, anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-phishing before it arrives at your inbox.

    All in secure, redundant & advanced cloud-hosted architecture.

    CudaMail Spam Filtering Latest Cloud Technology
  • CudaMail Management Portal

    As the administrator for your organizations domain, you have access to the CudaMail Management Portal which gives you control and reporting access.

    • Conduct searches on blocked/quarantined email
    • Release & deliver some blocked emails
    • Edit your settings, Whitelist & Blacklist
    CudaMail Management Portal
  • Why CudaMail is Just Plain Better!

    CudaMail utilizes multiple layers of protection, starting with pre-filtering technology that cuts spam volume by over 80% before it even arrives!

    • Free 2 Week Trial
    • Quick and easy setup
    • Amazing support
    • Billions of emails filtered!
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  • Primer on Outsourcing Your Spam Filtering

    Not sure about outsourcing your domain's spam filtering? This free guide will help.

    • Advantages of outsourcing your spam filtering
    • Tips and information on cloud-based filtering
    • Free download!
    Download the Guide!
    CudaMail Primer on Outsourcing Your Spam Filtering

Spam Filtering Service in The Cloud!

2 Week Free Trial - on All Spam Filtering Service Plans!

Get started in less time than you think. Though we can do as many users as you have.

Here's an example with just 15 users:

CudaMail Inbound Only

$29.85/ month

  • Spam Filtering (inbound only)
  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware
  • Reporting Portal
  • Quarantine Available
  • 14 Day Email Replay
  • 7 Day Email Spool
$1.99 USD ea.
   ( * our most popular package )

Promo: $29.85/ month

  • Spam Filtering (inbound and outbound)
  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware
  • Reporting Portal
  • Quarantine Available
  • 14 Day Email Replay
  • 7 Day Email Spool
$2.29 USD ea
Promo: $1.99 USD ea.
CudaMail Suite

$37.35/ month

  • Spam Filtering
    (inbound and outbound)
  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware
  • Reporting Portal
  • Quarantine Available
  • 90 Day Email Replay
  • Always-on Email Continuity
$2.49 USD ea.
Managed Antispam Service

Stop Email Spam!

All Packages: Spam & Virus filtering and Reputation Analysis. Support available during business hours, and emergency after-hours.

Get a Quote to Stop Email Spam

Need Custom Plans?


About CudaMail Managed Antispam Service

CudaMail, a division of Optrics Inc. is devoted to helping organizations increase their productivity by providing its employees with clean, Spam-free, and Virus-free email. Current industry reports on email show that 1 in 28 emails contains a virus, while as much as 95% of all email is Spam.

  • Experts in spam filtering service technologies
  • Creative solutions to growing email spam threats
  • Constantly improving and evolving technologies
  • Enterprise-level managed aAntispam service.


I really appreciate the excellent service that you guys give for a very reasonable price.  Saves me having to do it and peace of mind knowing that it is being taken care of!...Roger Kresge, Covenant United Methodist Church
I really appreciate the excellent service that you guys give for a very reasonable price. Saves me having to do it and peace of mind knowing that it is being taken care of!...Roger Kresge, Covenant United Methodist Church
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